17 Sep 2010

One Season of Sunshine

I was actually attracted to this book because of its cover! I had never read Julia London previously, though I did browse through a few of her regency romances a few times.  This book however caught my fancy because I'm always a sucker for young children in stories and when I saw that this book had a five year old boy, I immediately took it and I'm glad to say that its a book worth reading - the plot is interesting though initially I was quite irritated by the heroine, Jane, who never seemed to know what she wanted. 

The novel opens with a fiery accident - an accident which unravels a lot of things later in the story.

 Jane Aaron was adopted as an infant and  throughout her growing up years she has wondered about her biological mother and why she was given away. So she decides to go to Cedar Springs to look for her birth mother.  While there she becomes nanny to two children who had recently lost their mother in a terrible road accident. In the beginning Jane dislikes Asher Price, her handsome employer, but as time goes on  and she  spends time with the family,she finds she is fast falling in love with the children who still miss their mother, especially little Levi, who needs a mother's love.

But Jane also finds out that Susannah is not the "perfect wife and mother" that she thought she was and that she was drunk when she had the accident. When Riley, Asher's teenaged daughter
finds out about her father and her nanny, she goes beserk  and tries to break them up. Jane has to decide whether she wants to stay and win this troubled girl's love or go back to Houston and her teaching job. 

This is an ok book for an afternoon's relaxation - there are no twists in plots or surprise endings but a fairly good reading nevertheless.


naida said...

This one does sound like nice quick read. Great review :O)


Kat said...

Thanks Naida! Have a nice weekend.