15 Sep 2010

Post holiday blues

Well the Eid holidays have come and gone and life is back to its more relaxed pace. We had our Raya Open House on the first day as usual. The usual number of people came - my brothers and sisters, Repin's friends and a few of mine. This time around Yatie and I decided to cook ourselves instead of getting a caterer and oh boy, was it tiring! We had made the usual ketupat ( bought the ready made leaves from the market), made the rendang (both beef and chicken), as well as the rest of the accompaniments. Apart from that we made pilaf rice which was a hit with almost everybody and my sister Leila asked for the recipe.

Actually pilaf is very easy since its a one dish meal and can be eaten either on its own or with a curry as a side dish. We made the curry just in case somebody wanted gravy with their rice, and since it was the first to finish I guess most people did. They came in a steady stream - almost non stop since we began at 11 am, with first my sisters, then Ranjeet and Jaswant. I think I didn't have a break at all until nearly 7pm, when the last guests, Hamzah and his wife, left. All in all, it was a great day - tiring but entertaining.

I always say that I won't have an open house but then still have it. This year there were fewer people who came compared to last year. Only 3 of my old classmates turned up but other friends came. Repin's old friends came too - quite a few of them- An Min, John, Chow Fatt and Hamzah and their wives. Of our family - most were away this year. Alan and family went back to Perak to Kahdijah's house and Jemi went to Penang. Even Denan didn't come home this year and neither did Jijah.


The Chair Speaks said...

Wow! Everyone enjoyed the great makan party! Is palif almost the same as nasi bryani? Perhaps you could give the recipe in your blog? :)

Kat said...

Yes, pilaf is a bit like briani rice only we don't use ready made curry powder. Sure I'll pass on the recipe.

naida said...

It sounds like a nice time with good food and family :)