1 Oct 2010


Tomorrow night around midnight, I'll be on a plane bound for Istanbul.  We'll be in Turkey for 6 days - 3 days in Istanbul and another 3 in Eskisehir. Actually Repin will be attending a conference there but we have taken this opportunity to take some time out for a short tour of Turkey. Then we'll also be going to London and another tour of Europe. This one will take us about 2 weeks, so all in all I'll be away for about 23 days. Fairly long.

So today I stocked up on cat food and cat litter. My son who will be home to sort of look after the cats will not bother to buy their normal food which I get from the veterinary  so I thought I 'd better buy them and keep them in the store room just in case. I know I'm going to miss Chi Chi, Ginger, Momo, Karupin and Black. Especially Ginger. I'll worry about Karupin (He's always so sickly and I hope he wont be too sick while I'm away.)  And I wonder who will cuddle my two monsters (Momo and Karupin) when I'm not around. Chi chi is quite self sufficient and doesn't really need to be held, but both Karupin and Momo somehow always seem to be needy, poor things. Karupin especially will look at you with his soulful eyes as if wondering why you haven't brushed his hair or petted him.

Chi Chi showing her boredom

I also bought some books to read along the journey too - one JD Robb - Promises in Death,one book by a Turkish writer - Orhan Parmuk, and another by Jeffrey Archer - Paths of Glory. Looking forward to reading that first on the plane. I read the review and I think its a sad book in a way - its about George Mallory, a mountain climber who died while climbing Everest and it's based on a true story.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

I know you will have an AMAZING trip, dear Kat!!! I look forward to your posts.

It is hard leaving pets when we travel. God bless you.

Hugs, JJ

Gattina said...

Your son will certainly take good care of your cats ! I am also worried when I am going away. But Istambul is a beautiful and very interesting city. I loved it so much that I want to go back and stay there for a week. I liked Turkey very much I have done two roundtrips through the country.

naida said...

Have a happy and safe trip Kat!!! Enjoy yourself! It sounds like an amazing trip!

Kat said...

Thank you dear friends for the cheerful messages, esp about my cats.I'll try to post some pictures of my travels.

Wanos Repinos said...

Dont worry Ma. Im taking good care of them. Well it depends on how you interpret "good". Nyaha!