31 Oct 2010

Back in Melaka

The orchids are doing well - imagine that they're still in bloom after one month! Most of them anyway. The deep purple ones are already dried but hopefully will bloom soon. My roses are dead and gone I know... it's not easy trying to nurture a rose plant when one is more often not at home than at home. Anyway most of my other plants are all right.

I still have a lingering cough - no plegm but I hate this dry wracking cough especially at night. Must try the honey treatment my friend said would  work - a spoonful of honey mixed with warm water. Simple isn't it but I haven't tried it yet.

As for the cats - Momo and Karupin have to be taken to the vet for their vaccination. Then next month its GInger and Chi chi's turn. I think MOmo also is in need of grooming - his fur is really thick and long now and its so difficult to get rid of the tangles sometimes.  But last year when I took him for a grooming session, he was ill and was out of sync for almost a week. Poor thing - must be really stressful for him. He doesn't really take to strangers; the only person he allows to cuddle him are Sarah, shasha and me. So at the vet its always distressing to see him cling to the cage, miawing loudly and refusing to let go. I guess for him its the ultimate torture so I try to do it only once a year. Hope he'll be fine this year!

Last year after we had cropped of nearly all his hair - its the no 2 cut (GI Joe) - he was really out of synq. Even his close pal, Karupin, who is his twin, could not recognise him and when he came near Apin, Apin would run, or worse still growled at him. Then he would run and Momo would stand there looking baffled, and Momo would go to his basket to sulk.

A newly cropped Momo - taken last year looking very dejected


The Chair Speaks said...

Momo looked so cute here. Think he was in shock in feeling the constant draught due to the minus thick fur. LOL!
Perhaps daily combing of Momo's fur and occasion bathing with special shampoo with conditioner will help his fur from matting.

naida said...

I hope your cough goes away, honey does help.

awwww Momo :)


Kat said...

Thanks Naida... I hope so too. Yes I agree with you EJ... but he also hates to bathe. He will miaw as if we're killing him and claw at you. Sometimes I give him a dry clean.

Gattina said...

I have the same problem with my cat Kim ! she is always full of knots after a while. But she won't let us brush her at all, but when I take her to the groomer, she is happy and purrs !
You can see her on my cat blog !