27 Oct 2010

Back home

Well I'm home now - after being away for more than 3 weeks. My cats are fine and so are the fishes and the plants and most important - me. Apart from being tired that is. And a bit dejected too - I lost a piece of luggage with a number of souvenirs from Turkey as well as some gifts for my children from London. I had left the bag at the hotel where we were staying (pre- tour) at the hotel storage and it seems the storage was burgled. Of course the hotel's insurance will try to compensate us but who can replace the lost souvenirs? Anyway that's it, enough said.

My body still thinks its in London - am waking up in the middle of the night and cannot sleep after that. And when I do sleep, I wake up at 8.30 am! Guess it'll take some time to catch up... meanwhile  I am catching up with daily chores, friends, bill payments and all those other things that make up my life. Life's good!


The Chair Speaks said...

Welcome home. Do get a good rest.

Somehow compensations can't match that happiness of thoughts and moments of buying souvenirs for loved ones. Am sure all your loved ones understand and love you even without souvenirs.

Kat said...

Yes that's true... well said.