27 Jan 2010

Visiting the little one

Sophia, now 2 and a half years old is very vocal and has a wide range of vocabulary. She speaks in perfect sentences - "Are we not taking this train mummy?" is just one example of her sentences. Sometimes she breaks into song as she did when we were on our way to Fidgets, a children's amusement gym cum playground. She was singing loudly in the taxi - in Japanese no less, and the Totoro theme song from the Japanese anime - Totoro. I know I sound like the doting grandma who thinks her grand child is perfect but actually I'm being very subjective! Ha ha! I love listening to her conversations - she talks to her toys as well as Totoro, the soft toy and imaginary Totoro always lurking outside. She calls him on the phone and asks him questions. This is a typical conversation: 
 "Hello Totoro, what are you doing?" 
She listens, as if listening to his answer and then says,"Really... ? Are you buying groceries?"
Then she looks at us and in a matter of fact way tells us," Totoro is going to the shop. He's buying groceries."
I ask,"What is Totoro buying?"
"Pasta and noodles," she answers promptly. Pasta and noodles are her favourite foods.
Sometimes Totoro will go to the library, which is also her favourite place. When you ask her what Totoro is doing there, her answer will be," Borrowing books!"
Whenever we go out  she sees Totoro everywhere. Sometimes he's on the tree tops, sometimes in the bus, sometimes walking with his umbrella. She is so imaginative and creative.  She used to love doing  jigsaw puzzles but right now she's off jigsaw puzzles and in love with Charlie and Lola - a British television series about a 4-year-old girl and her big brother Charlie. She would sit through the cartoon quietly. I notice that much of her speech patterns is imitated from this show - very British indeed. 

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