13 Jan 2010

Introducing drama

I gave my students the choice of either doing "The Lion and the Jewel" or "An Inspector Calls". They chose both! And I didnt have the heart to say "no" so we are doing both texts. They seem to enjoy Literature very much and listened interestedly when I introduced them to "The Lion and the Jewel". Gave them a cliff hanger and told them to go read the book! Interestingly enough when I asked them who will Siddi marry - they all say she would choose Lakunle, not Baroka. Is that youth talking or what? When I described Baroka to them they all said "EEUW.." looking disgusted. But I had to impress them on the culture of the African tribe, that youth and good looks mean nothing if you don't have power and charm and Baroka had loads. Well we'll see what they say when they find out that Siddi will marry Baroka in the end.. Or that the Lion will get his Jewel.

I really enjoy this group - its fun teaching them and sometimes the hours just pass effortlessly. It doesn't really feel like work. Wish I could teach real Literature, instead of Methodology of teaching Lit.though.

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