29 Jan 2010

home sweet home

At last, after two weeks absence, I'm back home for a few days. Nothing beats coming home to your own roost! I know... KL is also home but I'm there almost every day of the week and to be able to come back to Malacca is just bliss. We arrived to day at about 1.46pm, quite early because there wasn't that much traffic on the highway. I think the weather here has been just hot and windy - my ferns all look wilted and some are very dry. My mother-in-law suggested putting them under the waterfall which is a good idea - maybe I'll try that.But won't too much water also kill the plants? I'm not sure but ferns do love water, that much I know. At least none of my roses have died - and one is even blooming well. I gave them all some much needed plant food, cleared out the weeds and cut off some of the bamboo branches, as well as the heloconia. I notice that the impatiens too are wilting - maybe its time to re plant them. Looks like this week end I'll be quite busy repairing and feeding the plants. Weather not helping - too hot and windy this whole week. A bit of rain might be a blessing. The roses I transplanted two weeks ago are doing fairly well, in fact one of them is already budding now. I think roses do better on the ground than in pots and the soil was already infected with the white worms in my pots so after taking them out of the pots they are doing so much better.


Lee Ee Leen said...

this crazy weather takes a toll on household plants

Kat said...

How true Lee, it is crazy. So hot and windy.