2 Jan 2010

Bye bye fishies

My lovely tilapiah have now been caught and eaten - I gave permission to my neighbours to take them since they are now too big for the pond and the koi need the space. So yesterday when I arrived back in Malacca the pond looks kind of empty. My kalui are still here of course, still rather shy. They're quite big now. There's space now for the koi to grow but the smaller tilapiah are still there too. Tilapiah are quite aggressive fish - especially when its eating time and the few koi that I have just can't compete. At least 2 of my koi have died since I put the tilapiah in the same pond.

2009 hasn't really been a year for me to stay in Malacca. I think we were here for just the weekends mainly, and even then we had to miss a number of weekends due to OUM functions, going off for holidays and so on. THis year, 2010 Repin wants me to stay put in Malacca, even though he'll still be in KL. Wonder if I can do that? I'll miss being with him.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Aw, you had to give up some fish but I bet the koi are happy. :D Jeff and I have thought of raising fish. We may try it yet.

Beautiful post and I loooove that harbor portrait below.

Happy 2010!!!

Hugs, JJ

Kat said...

Thank you Nancy...