12 Jan 2010

UM classes

Discussing in groups

Its now into my second week of teaching at UM. But this semester the class I'm teaching is Simulated Teaching in Literature Education - I've got 2 groups from Monday to Wednesday. This is very different from the last year's class where I was teaching Literature or Lit. Methodology. This is mostly practical work - teaching the students to prepare lesson plans and teaching. They seem okay - except that they haven't read any of the texts they are supposed to teach. I gave them my copy of "Holes" to read so that at least they can have some context.

Group dynamics

For now I'm teaching them how to write lesson plans. It seems the most difficult part for them is getting the General Objectives and the Specific Objectives. They are a bit confused about Learning outcomes and Behavioral Objectives and I told them its all in the way we write it.  Yesterday we had some micro teaching and they all enjoyed heckling their friends, pretending to be naughty students!

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