3 Oct 2009

London, first day

So after weeks of anticipation, Repin and I are on our way! We're going to UK for a tour (sampler) of the UK- England, Wales and Scotland. Our flight to London was Saturday and we were off very early in the morning - 6.45 am to be exact. We arrived at the airport about 7.30 and the queue was already very long. In fact it took us nearly 40 minutes to check in - so long was the line! Then another wait in the lounge but this was not so bad. Once our baggage were in everything was easy. The flight took off about 10 minutes later than scheduled. Our seats were right at the back - numbers 56 D and E I think. It was a long flight and I couldn't sleep either so luckily for me I had my book ready. By the time we arrived at Heathrow I had finished reading the two books I broughht with me! Immigration and customs was another long wait - more than an hour! Then we had to wait for the transport to take us to our hotel which is the Hilton Metropole. So by the time we arrived at the Hilton Metropole it was already 7pm.
The Hilton Metropole is not a big hotel but its very comfortable and situated right in town, close to the main centre of attractions, such as Oxford Street, the tube and so on. Its very accessible and what's better very close to a lot of halal shops so its easy for us to eat.
Anyway after checking in and getting our rooms, we did our prayers then quickly changed to go out and find dinner. We're lucky the Metropole is in Edgeware - its so near to all the places we like for example Oxford Street and so on. We found a nice Malaysian restaurant - Melur which is actually the old Mawar! They had changed owners and so the old Mawar is now another flower! Food is ok - great because we already missed Malaysian cooking! After dinner we walked around a bit and then retired to the hotel for an early night!

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