30 Sep 2009


I haven't visited Saz for sometime now - first there were my classes at UM then Sasrah came home and then it was Ramadan so now that Raya is over I feel that I must see her again. Its not that I havent thought of her - I have been thinking and feeling guilty that I've not seen her for a while now. Anyway today Shasha and I went over to see her. She hasnt really improved by leaps and bounds, though I must say that she's so much better compared to a few months before. At least now she can walk on her own though she still cant speak clearly. Her father says the neurons that connect speech in the brain are all haywire so that is why she cannot speak clearly. She understands us and knows what she wants to say but can't say them because of this. I felt so sad for her - she cried so much when she cant get us to understand what she wants to say. ITs really a test for her and sometimes I ask myself why she is so unlucky. Unlucky in love and unlucky in life. Poor girl. I told her father that I was going to UK so will not be able to visit in the next few weeks but I will try to see her again soon after I come back from UK.
It seems that very few friends have visited her in the last few weeks and she was feeling depressed. I guess that's the way of the world. When you're healthy and people can get something out of you , you'll have lots of friends. But when you are down and out, like Sazlina, they only see you once and then that's it. They will soon forget. It's been almost a year now that she had the stroke. I hope she will get better soon. I want her to at least get her speech back...

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