3 Sep 2009


Its three days since Sarah went back to Russia. At least this time around she got to spend part of Ramadan with us at home. For 4 years she's been fasting in Russia, eating I dont know what. It isn't much but even a week of Ramadan with her at home is better than nothing I guess. Its now well into the second week of Ramadan - probably about 13 days maybe. I never counted actually - just followed the days as they come. Ramadan this year is quieter I feel although the bazaars are still running. I went to Alpha Angle this morning and it was very quiet - the car park was almost empty. Of course there are hundreds of people at the Ramadan bazaar which can be quite claustrophobic, however the malls are almost empty.
Our Ramadan bazaars here in Kuala Lumpur are quite something. Food of all varieties - some you've never seen before, most traditional delicacies and whatever kind of food - Western, Eastern, Asian and whatever - just name it and you can find it here. But of course you have to be wary - not all the food sellers are experienced cooks. In fact many are once in a blue moon cooks - trying to make a quick buck during the Ramadan. For the horde of office workers who throng the bazzaar anything that look interesting and appetising will do! Only the experienced shopper will know the difference between the real sellers and the 'fly by night' sellers.
I haven't managed to do any tarawih prayers yet though we did attend one at OUM the other day. What I really wanted to do was go back to Malacca and stay there for the whole month so that I can attend the prayers every day. But since my husband is here I guess I have to remain in KL, at least until close to Raya.
Today we started baking cookies for the Eid which will be on 20th or 21st of September. I think I'll bake at least 3 types - choc chips, pineapple tarts and Repin's favourite -using ghee. All so unhealthy but oh so delicious.
This raya will be Sophie's first that she will understand. Last year she was only 1 year old and sick with fever. Hopefully she'll be fine this year so that I can see her running around the Malacca house playing.

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