27 Oct 2009

Visiting Sazlina

Sazlina is much better now judging from her speech. At least I can understand much of what she said - though she still can't really talk normally. I think she has improved so much - she's almost 50% better now. Zahedah came along with me to see her but I had to pick her at the college and send her back. In fact I'm still with her now, using her computer. My friendship with Zah is such that we can not see each other for months on end and in fact years but when we do meet its as if the time in between is nothing. I guess true friendships are like that. I've missed seeing her, Gita, Gurnam and all the others.
Zahedah talked to Sazlina and she managed to answer - at least can or cannot. She showed us where she fell ( a few months back she fell from her bed and had to have a few stitches!)
We spent about an hour with her and the time just flew. Since Zah had a meeting with her pengarah we had to leave.

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