4 Oct 2009


The weather today is bracingly cold -perhaps about 17 degrees F. After breakfast, which was scrambled eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and baked beans - that was all we could eat because the rest wasn't halal -we decided to walk across to Hyde Park. Today is Sunday 4th Oct. We'd planned to meet Nurul for lunch and then we thougt of walking to Oxford Street for a bit of shopping. I hoped to get a woolly jumper at Primark. Hyde Park as usual is a lovely place to walk - lots of green. Of course this place has no flowers. For that we'd have to go to Regent's Park or maybe St James but also I think most of the blooms would have gone because of the colder weather. It is not really that cold - just a bit bracing. Fresh and brisk but a bit too chilly for me. After about an hour of walking we decided to go over to MacD's for a cup of hot chocolate. By that time it was already almost 12 noon - time to head back to the hotel and wait for Nurul then go for lunch.
LUnch was again at Melur - but this time Nurul was with us so we ordered the set which had sambal udang as well as a plate of rendang. Nurul seemed happy with the food and happily tucked in. Well she hadn't eaten home cooked food for some time so I'm sure she misses all that.

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