11 Oct 2009

In London with Nurul

Repin at Covent Garden

Today we met Nurul our niece who is here studying Dentistry at King's College, University of London. We had taken her out for dinner when we arrived on 3rd October and lunch on the 4th. Today we'll just go for a tour of LOndon - the normal sights - Tower of London, Westminster, Big Ben and Tralfalgar Square and perhaps go to the British Museum. We spent a whole day with her - I'm sure she's tired - I am! Lunch was at another Malaysian restaurant in Tralfalgar Square - called "Jom Makan". It's not as nice as Melur but the place is bigger, better decorated and I think has more English patrons. Melur is more authentic Malaysian cuisine anytime!

With Nurul at Trafalgar Square

We also went to the British museum and spent a lovely 3 hours there - just wandering and looking at the various exhibits. They really have so many interesting things to see!
With Nurul at Big Ben

Charing Cross was great but we couldn't really buy so many books - not enough place in our luggage. After lunch we walked over to Westminster, took pictures of the Abbey and the houses of parliament as well as Big Ben and the London Eye. The weather was beginning to turn rainy so we decided to go back to our hotel where we could all rest and pray then later go for dinner at Melur.
Tomorrow is Monday so Nurul will not be able to spend the day with us. Repin and I have decided we'll go window shopping instead after our walk at Hyde Park.

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