30 May 2009

Telok Intan

We've just come back from attending Lili's wedding in Sitiawan, Perak. We travelled late yesterday evening and arrived there around 8.30 pm, just in time for the nikah ceremony. It was held at the mosque near the bride's house. Lili and Ina looked good - they were both wearing the usual off white or creamish baju Melayu and Ina in a kebaya. The whole affair ended quite late - what with the Tok Imam or Tok Kadi giving a long lecture! After the ceremony we were invited for supper at Ina's house and at 12.30 am got back to the hotel.

Today, after an early breakfast we decided to drive back slowly to KL by the coastal road. I'm glad we decided to do that because its been a really long time since we drove along the Telok Intan - Sabak Bernam area. The scenery was fantastic and I really wish we had brought our camera. Instead I have to make do with the phone camera. An emerald sea greeted our eyes the moment we took the turning into Sabak Bernam. They say that Kedah is the rice bowl of Malaysia but I think Sabak Bernam can easily be crowned the rice plate, if not the rice bowl itself! Mile upon mile of green padi fields stretched along both sides of the road, with here and there islands of banana trees.
We passed fishing villages too - tranquil in the quiet dawn. There is no sign of the sea though because it's still slightly inland but the Bernam river winds along and we can catch glimpses of the fishing boats moored behind the mangrove.
Both Repin and I enjoy travelling along the back roads - not that they are less travelled or quieter, but because there's so much more fun than going on the highway. Lots more to see too! It must be the wedding season too because we saw not less than 10 weddings along the way!

We stopped for a light meal at Telok Intan which at one time was Telok Anson. General Anson I think was in the British army before he became the High Commissioner for the Straits Settlements. Telok Intan is a typical small town in Malaysia - rows of Chinese shop houses along a main street. The one different thing about this place though is the Leaning Clock Tower, sometimes dubbed as Malaysia's Leaning tower of Pisa!


Nancy J Locke said...

What a beautiful journey you had. Those fishing villages and the coastline must have been picturesque. How lovely.

Hugs, JJ

Kat said...

Hi JJ,

Yes they were lovely. I'm no photographer though so we didn't take any pictures.WE should have I know - a picture tells more than a 1000 words.