7 Jun 2009

Back in Malacca

Back in Malacca for a night. It's past midnight because we drove back after 10.30pm. In spite of the late hour I go through my garden, examining my roses. Hmm - lots of dead leaves. I know that it hasn't rained for some time and luckily for us, Bakar our kind neighbour waters my plants every day. But the orchids are blooming. There's a purple catalya which has just opened its buds and I look in awe and delight. This orchid has never bloomed before! It must really like this place to bloom now. Wow... wait till my mum in law sees it!It's a deep dark purple, almost reddish in colour.
The water in my fish pond is also definitely shallower than before - a testimony to the hot days. I wonder if there are any tilapia fry that has survived. Its too dark to see anyway so I switch off the waterfallto let it rest and after watering the plants (at 1.00 am!) decide to sleep. Tomorrow is fine enough to say hello to my fish and my tortoise - if he is still around.!

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