17 Jun 2009

Literature class

Life's getting pretty hectic these days. Most of my time now is spent on research - notes for my Literature class. You see back in the old days when I was studying Literature it was mainly British and American Literature. We studied Shakespeare, Milton, the Renaissance poets, The Romantic poets and later the Victorians. Of the modern writers we mainly did people like Hemmingway, Hardy, Fitzgerald and the like. But today's literature curriculum is wider with lots of newer writers from India and other English speaking countries. So I do have to study and research my writers and at least be ahead of the class! But I do enjoy my class - I've got quite enthusiastic kids and rather cheeky too. There's Kudret the Turkish boy who's always thinking of girls. It seems he likes Chinese girls but they are scared of him! Liang the timid Chinese girl and Marilynn from Brunei are also very quiet. They don't seem to lack confidence but hardly volunteer to talk. The other girl is Isil from Turkey and this one , though not a chatterbox, is quite a talker. I think they are beginning to open up a bit, especially Dilshorbek and Kudret.
Today we had an audit and who should I see but Yap Beng Liang - a former classmate back from my Malacca school days. She's now Dr Yap of course. It's been more than two decades since I last saw her and imagine meeting her in class at UM. We couldn't really catch up with old times of course since she was auditing my class but we did exchange phone numbers!

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