25 Jun 2009

Brief respite

I breathe a sigh of pleasure and relief. Class is over for the week and next week will be the last. Not that I hate teaching - far from it. But it can be quite tiring at times. This class may be very small, after all I've got only a handful of students but whether you're teaching 6 students or 60, the preparation time is the same. maybe less marking perhaps. And this is a Literature class so definitely more preparation, seeing that the last time I taught Literature was almost 20 years ago, not counting last year's personal tuition of Adila and Hannah. Anyway I did enjoy reading back Romeo and Juliet and looking up all those notes on the different elements.
As for my class - today they're having their exam. I hope they'll be okay but I think they will be - at least Marilynn, Tim and Dilshore will be. I'm not too sure about Kudret and Isil. I wonder if Liang will turn up for the exam. She didn't even turn up for class today.

And me? I'm going to Jakarta for the weekend. Repin has a meeting there and since Tan Sri and Puan Sri are already there for a visit, Repin invited me to go along with him. For me, its not the fact that its Jakarta that excites me. Its just the fact that I'm going to have a nice relaxing time and hopefully I can fit in a visit to a spa. Just the thing to relax me.

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