20 May 2009

I haven't really had time to write what with preparing for my classes and Repin being sick. Yes, my dear hubby came back from Penang with high fever which did not go down in spite of going to the doctor. I got rather anxious, mainly because of the flu that is going all over the world - he travels so much that I worry he may have caught it but the doctor said it wasn't the H1N1 flu - just dehydration and probably exhaustion too. Anyway he was admitted into the Pantai Hospital this morning because the fever had got on for a bit too long and they wanted to do some tests. When I looked in this afternoon he seemed happy enough - at least he's getting some rest!

Today we had a splendid time in class - there'll be a drama competition this Saturday and my kids are really enjoying themselves - preparing the script, choosing the actors and actresses, deciding on the music and so on. We spent the whole afternoon session preparing the script with Yogeswary, one of the better writers actually writing the script there and then with some help from Masniza. I think its going to be a great play and in fact I had to repeatedly tell them to make it short. Because ours is a really mixed class - I have some Indians, Chinese and Malay students - they have decided that they'll use this racial mix to good advantage. The story is simple and rather cliched but I think it will be popular with the girls because its a West Side Story type romance - where the girl is from a Malay family and she wants to marry a boy from Chinese family. There is a lot of drama and tears but the ending is going to be a cliff hanger. The students prefer to allow the audience to think for themselves and let them decide who the girl will marry in the end.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Kat, the play sounds lovely. What fun you are having and how beautiful your students can stretch their muses while having a super time.

You are a beautiful teacher.:D

I pray hubby is doing well. One of my family members had a high fever and flu too but it wasn't the swine flu. We live in scary times.

Hugs, JJ

Kat said...

Dearest JJ, Thanks so much for the comment. Yes, Repin is well now - the rest in the hospital did him some good at least - they checked his blood for everything - including cholesterol.I went to your other blog last time and loved the photos you've displayed. You're really very creative and a good photographer!