4 May 2009

Book Fest

I've been on a book buying spree - Muhammad, Man and Prophet by Adil Salahi, Carved in Bone by Jefferson Bass; The Making of Mr Hai's Daughter by Yasmin Hai; Mr Darcy's Diary by Maya Slater; Muhammad - As if You Can See Him by A'id Al Qarni and Abridged Biography of Prophet Muhammad by Muhktasar Seerah Ar - Rasool.
I've read the abridged biography already - read it on the plane on the way back from Madinah. It's a bit too dry for me - though I enjoyed the other one by Aid Al Qarni. That was very poetical and in fact the writer himself said that it wasnt meant to be a study but a book praising the Prophet (pbuh). Its a lovely book, well written and yes although it was a book praising the Prophet, it was almost poetic the way it was written. It took every aspect of the Prophet's character and gave examples and quotations from his close companions to exemplify that aspect of his character, for example his honesty and the fact that even his enemies and detractors called him Al Amin, meaning The Honest one. THis is one book you can read and re read, I think.
Why so many books on one man, you might well ask. Why not, if that man is larger than life itself. I wanted to know more about this man who is not just the last prophet of God, but also the perfect man - humble but by no means simple, loving, a family man, and in spite of being illiterate, highly intelligent. Of all God's prophets, he alone took up sword to fight for his religion and for his God even though he himself was a gentle, peace loving man. Reading more and more about him I come to love and admire the man and the Prophet.
Shasha also came back with a whole load (2 bags full) of books her boss gave her - she was cleaning house and wanted to throw away most of her romances so my daughter thought of her mum and collected the books instead! So now I've got so many books to read I have a headache. Am reading 3 books at once - the one on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) , one by Julia Quinn and one by Elizabeth John Phillips - both romances but one a historical romance. Last weekend we also went to BookXcess
Our house now looks almost like a library or maybe a small bookshop! I told Shasha that maybe we ought to have a garage sale, or since we don't have a garage we could instead have a yard sale. I'm sure there are loads of stuff that we dont want that others might want!

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