23 Apr 2009

Just thoughts

Life seems a bit flat after the Umrah. I know its only me but I cant seem to lift myself out of the doldrums. I do miss seeing my grand daughter and wish I could fly out to Singapore to see her but a lingering dry cough has hit me and though not really bad is quite irritating, especially at night when I'm up at all hours, coughing. Yesterday I thought of going into Ikea just to look around at some furniture but changed my mind and hit for Seng Heng instead. After all I hadn't used up the coupons I was given by UOB last time. So Shasha and I went off to Seng Heng and came back with a new DVD player as well as a juicer. Hmm... now must make sure I make the fruit juice myself!

I've finished reading most of my books and am now reading the Alexander McCall Smith's series on Precious Ramotswe, the lady detective of Gaborone, Botswana.

I think Alexander Mc Call Smith has a rare insight into Botswana. Reading the books one almost thinks its written by a Botswana native - they present a precious view of life in Gaborone in particular, and in Botswana in general.

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