17 May 2009

Back to teaching

Starting Monday I'll be back to UM teaching another batch of pre-employment students but this time for only 3 weeks instead of the usual one month. It was great meeting Pushpa, Alages, Datin Siva, Rahmah and Maznah again after all this time. However Alby couldn't make it - she was teaching at UMCcED. I'm really looking forward to teaching again and in fact have compliled some activities to do with my group. I only wish I got the class with the computer and LCD. That would have made my work much easier but this class is so much better that the ones in the Education faculty where the chairs are fixed to the floor and you can't move the around! Its just so stupid to fix chairs to the floor. When I was teaching there we couldn't even have groupwork.
I'm wondering what I'll do tomorrow on the first day. It has to be something really interesting to catch their attention - maybe a little ice breaker first, then a short game. The last batch loved word games and were very competitive. They all liked to win especially when I gave them little gifts for winning - colourful pens, little notebooks and other stationery. These are young adults but even when I was teaching at UMCcED who were all working people well into their 30s and 40s, they were just as thrilled to get the prizes. I guess getting something free is fun and no matter what your age, being able to beat some other students and winning a prize is still something a great feeling.

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Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Teachers are special people, Kat. I bet you are a great one. :D How wonderful you connected with friends.

Have a good weekend.

Hugs, JJ