14 Nov 2013

Sarah's nikah ceremony

One day before the solemnisation ceremony, Sarah went to do her mehendi or colouring and traditional painting of her hands done.

Sarah's mehendi coloured hands
The Dais

One week before the solemnisation ceremony my sister Laila, who is a wedding planner, came to design and create the wedding dais, or pelamin for Sarah's wedding. This is where the bride and groom will sit after the ceremony.

The bride getting ready for the ceremony

Sarah putting on Neville's ring for him

Neville handing over the dowry to Sarah 
 In Islam there is something which for easy interpretation we call the dowry, which the bridegroom gives to the bride. This is different from the dowry in India which the bride brings with her to the groom's house. In Islam the groom gives her a sum of money or something equivalent for her to use in her marriage. She keeps this money for herself. In Sarah's case Neville gave her 10 thousand ringgit (10K) which she put into her bank account for use later. I found lout later that she used it to pay for their honeymoon in Bali and kept the rest for a rainy day.


Naida said...

Congratulations Kat! Beautiful!!

Kat said...

Thanks Naida. It's my daughter Sarah getting married.