29 Nov 2013

Rain rain go away

It's been raining almost incessantly for days now. Luckiily it wasn't a deluge but a gentle drizzle.Who are we to complain though  when other countries, especially our near neighbors have had it so badly. The Phillippines for example had a typhoon flatten parts of their country and killed hundreds if not almost a thousand people and many are still unaccounted for. And China too have had some really serious flooding that destroyed so much and killed somany. In Indonesia too,two volcanoes in separate parts of the country erupted, forcing people to evacuate. So I shouldn't complain when all we've been having is a little rain!  It's not that I am being ungrateful but sometimes I do wish we have just a bit more sun.

Today's news hasn't been good either- 5 states have people being evacuated, with Pahang leading at more that 30,000 evacuees. Luckily the exams are over by now so students are not stranded. I pray the rains and floods stop in the East coast. It seems Kemaman is completely surrounded by water, virtually cut off on all sides by the floods. Two deaths have already been recorded- a father and son who fell off their boat and feared drowned. 

A water logged road

A car stalled in the middle of the road in a flooded town 

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