18 Nov 2013

Sarah's wedding reception

The wedding starts with the solemnisation ceremony where Neville promises to take her as his wife and protect her through sickness and in health....
the dais on which they will sit after the solemnisation ceremony 

Neville handing over the dowry to Sarah

The dais at the Hilton Crystal Ballroom 
Preparing the hall. 
Neville and Sarah walking down the aisle to the dais
The couple walked towards the dais or pelamin accompanied by the song "Beautiful in White" and also "I want to marry you"

The welcome symbol at the entrance to the hall 

The wording for the background with Neville's name written as Michael!

Sarah, getting ready
Sarah getting ready by the makeup artist. 

A radiant bride
Almost ready

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Gattina said...

What a beautiful bride !