31 Dec 2013

End of the year review

Sometimes I feel that Time flies with wings of exceptional speed and yet there are other times when it feels that Time is just crawling away. This year 2013 is no less. Sarah has finally finished her grueling housemanship of 2 years at the Malacca General Hospital. She is also now a young married woman though her husband is still in Kyching, waiting for his transfer. Sarah too will be transferred to Johor, in spite of our appeal for her to remain where she is. I thought she was safe from the vagaries of our slipshod civil service but there it is- after just a month in a clinic in Masjid Tanah, she is suddenly told there are no vacancies in Melaka and she must go to Johor! Isn't that ironic- she already has a place in Masjid Tanah and they don't even have enough doctors there! 

2013 has been a year of ups and downs, both in our lives and outside. As for Malaysia, the elections came and went and even though the Opposition claimed all kinds of trickery, the ruling party won by a narrow margin and things have more or less gone back to normal.  For Repin and I we got another grandchild to love- Rania of the smiling eyes and laughing face, though I know that she can also cry so loudly and angrily! 

The last two weeks before the New Year Sarah and I have been driving up and down to KL , to appeal against her transfer, to buy some new stuff for her future house  and to clean up the Zamrud Apartment. Finally we got news that Sarah's transfer is final and she has to report to Johor Bahru by 2 January . Neville came down from Sarawak to go with her to Johor and we took some time to visit Rizal in Singapore. Then  Sarah and Neville went to Batu Pahat where she would be working and looked at houses for rent.

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