23 Oct 2013

Sarah's wedding preparations

Sarah's wedding is just under a month from now. I think most things are okay, except for the guest list. We had not wanted to invite a lot of people- just very close relatives and friends. People ( relatives who were not invited) keep asking why they were not invited! I never realised its so hard to say no, we can't invite you because seats are limited and if you don't attend we would lose a lot of money. I had this problem at Wan's wedding. Friends say they will attend and then on the very day itself tell me 'I'm so sorry but I can't attend because of a family emergency! " 
Don't they realise that the seats will still have to be paid for since we can't replace them as they told us too late? I wonder at the inconsideration of some people. 
Today I got a note from my sister in law who insists that I invite her two brothers, who are not really related and not even close to us. Sarah says just ignore it and pretend I didn't receive the note. Maybe I'll do that. If we had the wedding at home it would be so easy. We'll just invite everybody! 

There are still some things to do - I haven't ordered the flowers yet and the door gifts for the Malacca ceremony. Thought of doing that today but now I'm down with a horrid headache - had to see the doctor yesterday. Hopefully I'll be well enough by this afternoon to go out. So many things to do and so little time

The wedding invitation
Sarah's invitation card which she designed herself.

And this is her solemnisation ceremony dress. The ceremony will be held at home and we are having a very small  gathering after that . 
the wedding dress that she will use for the solemnisation ceremony 

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