2 Aug 2010

Visiting Sophia

We've been in Singapore since Friday last week.  On Friday Sarah and I went to Orchard road, looking for some clothes for Sarah but after looking around we ended up at Marks and Spencer's after all. Repin came on Saturday and we all went to view the fireworks display at the harbour. It was a rehearsal for the Singapore National day. We had a grandstand view of it at Rizal's office. It was a really fantastic display. I think this was the most beautiful fireworks display I had ever seen - there were so many colours - iridescent green, golden yellows and reds and blues.

On Monday we went to Arab Street where Pohlin bought the fabrics for her beautiful cushion covers. I can't sew, but after seeing the cushion covers I thought - " Hmm ...  must learn how to. After all I do have a sewing machine." I was a bit greedy though - bought so many fabrics - can't help myself. They were all cotton and in such bright gorgeous colours! I plan to sew now.

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naida said...

sounds fantastic Kat!
I like watching fireworks too, so pretty.