26 Jul 2010

Reading Lights

When we were in Bandung we went to this little second hand bookstore which really caught my fancy. It was called Reading Lights and was actually a small bungalow which had been turned into a bookshop cum cafe. The shop also sells handmade jewelry and other accessories.
There are not many books but they were really interesting.Some must have even gone out of print, they are that old.  I even found one book written by MM Kaye - Death in Berlin, printed in the early 60s.  There were mainly romance novels - at least three bookcases of them - but there were also a lot of travel books, old ones as well as new ones. Browsing through the shelves I found an old book of Dean Koontz that I  had not read before - The Eyes of Darkness. Like most of his books it is full of suspense and makes you want to continue reading and not stop! Actually it  has been some time since I read any of his books so finding this one came as a pleasant surprise and it was sold for only RM10 (about US 2.50). Repin too found some books on travel and even oone about India which he had been looking for. What a real treat.

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naida said...

Reading Lights sounds great! I love Dean Koontz, I haven't read The Eyes of Darkness yet. Enjoy it.