7 Jul 2010

A very sick Karupin

Karupin is really very sick. He hasn't eaten for two whole days - just sips of water and when we tried to get him to drink some milk from a syringe I got scratched for the effort. The vet thinks its only a very bad cold - his nose are all blocked and and he had so much phlegm this morning. I've taken him to see the vet twice already. The next visit is Friday. The problem with him is that he's so difficult to take his meds - even to get him to eat. Even the vet can't get him to swallow his pill, so he has to be given a jab. So today he had two jabs - one for the antibiotic and the other one a vitamin to help improve his appetite. He is such a fussy eater, even when he is not sick, and right now he is refusing all his food, even the one recommended by the vet for malnourished cats.
Poor thing - there's so  much snot in his nose I wish I can do something. If he doesn't struggle so much we could perhaps use the syringe to take out the snot but I'm afraid it might hurt. But I really wish he would eat something! What do you do when your cat is sick? He's just like a baby - this morning after the vet had given him the injection for the vitamin (which was painful according to Dr Christine) he cuddled up to me, trying to burrow under my armpits. I felt like crying. I think both of us are stressed now.


naida said...

Sorry to hear he's unwell! I hope he feels better soon.


Kat said...

He seems slightly ok today. At least he's eating a bit. Thank you Naida