27 Aug 2010

Frisky kittens

Recently went over to  Jasmine's to look at her kittens - there are five  of them and they are all so adorable - all fluffy and cuddly, running around mischievously, even climbing on her curtains and swinging on them. Two of them took after the mother Ariel and were a warm grey colour. The other three must have taken after the papa cat, because they were all white. In fact one was white with bi-coloured eyes - one green and one blue. We were supposed to adopt one but Sara will not let me take even one because "we have too many cats at home". But I'd love to adopt the naughty grey one, with eyes that are slightly slanted  and looks as if  its wearing kohl.

I love most animals but I think the young are specially adorable. Not because they are cute but because of their innocence and playfulness. All of our cats are more or less middle-agers - Karupin and Momo are  both eight years old, Black must be about 6 now and Ginger and Chi Chi both about 4. These days all they ever do is eat and sleep. Even Ginger and Chi chi no longer play much anymore - Chi Chi seems too proud to run and Ginger, well Ginger is just plain fat, and perhaps a tad lazy. She does love to catch things though - just throw her anything round and she'll run after it. Like a dog, she'll even bring it back to you and wait for you to throw it again.


Gattina said...

White cats ! how wonderful. If they have blue eyes they are deaf. One blue and one yellow eye then they can hear, that's the trouble with white cats. Arthur has yellow eyes and hears perfectly only he doesn't listen, lol !
I adopted Rosie to bring some life in my lazy cats and she did ! but now she starts to be as lazy as the others !

naida said...

awwww....they are too cute!

Kat said...

Is it true then, that blue eyed cats can't hear? I heard about that but didn't really believe it.