30 Aug 2010

Gardening blues

I love gardening. In fact its one of my favourite things to do when I'm in Malacca. I love getting my hands dirty and dig in the soil because after that its such a satisfying feeling to see your garden bloom. If I lived in Malacca full time, maybe that would be what I'd do. Today I cleared the vines near the pond, pruned the bushes near the fence and to my horror found a lot of snails clinging to the wall, and even on the leaves of the hibiscus. I pulled them out one by one and counted easily about 20 snails - all shapes and sizes. I hate snails and would gladly stomp on them if I didn't hate the mess you make after that. Urrggg!

Today I went to the Botanical Garden in Malacca and bought some orchids. Norlee my neighbour told me they were cheap there so off we went and I bought about 10 orchids, mostly red and purple cattleya. She bought another two to add to her already large collection! It was fun - I used not to like orchids, and loved roses. But even though I still love roses I like orchids too now. The flowers last longer and as long as the snails don't get to them they are ok. Most of my roses are gone now - eaten by white grubs. I only have the local pink variety which is sturdier and more tolerant of heat. Maybe next month, after the Id holidays I'll clear up the area near the fence and plant them there. Roses are tougher to plant in hot climates - although there are varieties which seem to adapt well to the heat, you'd have to really take care of them and mulch often, just to get them to grow well.

A view of my orchids


The Chair Speaks said...

The orchids are lovely!

Kat said...

Many thanks my dear. They are lovely... but so difficult to look after aren't they?

naida said...

Beuatiful orchids Kat. I enjoying gardening also, there's something soothing about the work, then satisfying about the results.
Snails are so gross! lol