13 Mar 2010

spring cleaning the store room

Me at 15 years, with my mum and aunt
 After months of saying "I'll clean the store room," today Yatie and I finally decided to do just that! We've got boxes of papers from my teaching days, Repin's lecturing days (from the 90s!!) and piles of old cds, tapes and even floppy discs. Hmm... what do I do with the floppy discs that are no longer used now? In the 90s I remember I threw out a box of old records - LPs from the age of the turntable. And when my daughter found out that I just threw out all the old records of Elvis, the Beatles, Johnny Tillotson and so on she was aghast! "You threw them away?"she shouted, shocked. "They'd fetch thousands on ebay now!" Oh well who knew there would be ebay 10 years on? And we needed the space then.
                Among the papers and old books I found some old photographs - those of me from my school days and looking at the photos made me so nostalgic for "those days of cola and pop corn". There was one which was really old - I must have been about 15 then, sitting on the steps of my house with my mum and two younger siblings. Life semed so simple then - and yet I remember grumbling often whenever mum asked me to  help her.
 After a back breaking two hours, we finally cleaned up the store room to enable us to store some more things! And I think the recycle man will have a gala time collecting things for recycling tomorrow.

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