20 Mar 2010

My grand daughter, Sophia Meiyin

I miss that girl , I really do even if she sometimes think of me more as the stranger whose house they visit sometimes. Just reading about her going to independent play group in Poh Lin's blog bring home the feeling that our grand daughter is so far way and growing up. Now she's going to play school, soon she'll be in kindergarten... and one day we'll be surprised that she has grown up. I worry that she may not know us - and not love us perhaps.
Reading about her antics I wish we can just go over to Singapore and visit them. How she must have grown now. I love how she plays with her toys and talk to them as if they are real people. I suppose to an imaginative child like her, Totoro the grey soft toy, is real. She talks to Totoro and plays with him, feeds him, scolds him and nags him. Her speech if you really listen is very adult, with all the nuances of adult speech. The things she says surprises me - she is so clever and knowledgeable. At 2 years and 7 months she can tell the difference between a plant and a flower, a plane and a helicopter ( just from the sounds each makes). Sigh... we really need to make time from our busy schedule and pay them a visit - reading about her antics on my daughter in law's blog is not the same as watching her antics and being part of them.