12 Mar 2010


Back to Malacca for a short weekend. Since I'm not teaching on Friday, I decided to beat the jam and left early on Friday morning, after sending Shasha to work. By 11.30am I'm already back in Batu Berendam and after parking the car, its straight away to my garden. A quick survey tells me the roses are still alive as are the orchids, but the ferns are not doing too well. A few pots have actually dried, and even my impatiens are wilting. Its been a really hot month for us humans, so it must really be extremely hot for the greenies. I quickly watered everyone - even the big, nuisance of a clump of bamboo, though they dont really need the moisture. Bamboos are quite hardy plants and can live a long time during a dry spell, unlike my precious ferns who need to be watered at least twice a day!

And wonder of wonders - my guava has budded! Lots of tiny round greenish white buds sprouting in between the leaves. We've had the guava only about a year - shorter than the longan and yet its already budding! I feel all my efforts are not in vain.

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