29 Sep 2008

My latest read

I realize now how eclectic my taste really is. From History to Religion to popular science to chick Lit to the classics to romance and many more. Jeffery Archer has always been a favourite, right along John Grisham, James Clavell as well as Ludlum and Dan Brown. I just finished reading A Prisoner of BIrth by Archer last night, or maybe early this morning to be more accurate. I couldn't put it down. I think Jeffery Archer is a master story teller, a real wordsmith. In this novel a young man, Danny Cartwright, is accused of murdering his best friend whose sister he is engaged to. In spite of his innocence and his girlfriend's testimony he was found guilty by the jury,just because he was from the working class and the 4 people who accused him were from the upper class. Danny was sentenced to 22 years in a maximum security prison - a place where no convict had ever excaped before. His cellmates are an army officer, Nick Moncrief, who had been courtmarshalled and his driver, Big Al. Where one is cultured, refined and a gentleman, the other is uncouth and crude. Big Al however is also kind, honest and loyal. In prison Danny vows revenge on the 4 men who had put him there - a barrister, a famous actor,an aristocrat and the youngest partner in an established firm.With Nick Moncrieff's help, Danny changed his image from a slum rat to that of an aristocrat. This part reminds me so much of My Fair Lady with Danny trying to speak without dropping his "H's".
The story is slick and fast paced, full of suspense and excitement. If the characters tend to be a bit idealistic and the coincidences too surreal to be believed, it is definitely still a great bedside book. For those who have never read Archer - I'd recommend this book.

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