12 Sep 2008

Ramadan in Melaka

I cannot believe that Ramadan is already in its second week going on to the third week. We've been travelling to and fro between Malacca and KL, partly because my mum in law is with us. Good for me in a way because I get to stay with my plants a bit longer. And my fish. Oh yes... my koi can be seen to be growing. This time around I'm making sure the waterfall stays on all the time. I hope to see my koi grow bigger. And the other day I saw the sucker fish that I thought had died. It must have been hiding all this while. Even the two jelawat that I bought last month have grown slightly and that really gives me a lot of satisfaction. Last year all my fish died because my nephew forgot to turn off the tap when he topped up the pool. Also maybe too much chlorine went in.

We're thinking of putting up a brick border for my roses. I called Lai, Repin's cousin and he gave me a rough estimate of the cost which would be about 1k. Hopefully it'll be ready for raya. Probably my brothers and sisters in law will come here for raya because mum is here with us. Quite a change for us - most of our previous rayas we were in Semabok, especially for the first day.

Frankly I miss the old Semabok house. The new house is too soulless, with no ambiance.

Anyway today is the 12th day of Ramadan. OUM had its Ramadan dinner this evening and I met this fascinating young girl who is the International champion for this year's Women's Quran reading competition. And she is a Hafiz too. I wish one of my children is a Hafiz. Wan could have been I think. When he was in primary school he won the district Quran reading competition. Anyway this girl that I'm talking about is not just good at reading the quran, she's also an engineer. And beautiful. What more could a mother want?


sarah said...

engineers are not cool. they eminate the uncool aura everywhere they go. doctors are cool.

Kat said...

Hi Darling - didnt say that doctors are not cool. They are very cool indeed! Doctors who can read the quran is even more cool!