15 Sep 2008

Back in Singapore

Well I'm back at the island state - this time to see my sick uncle. He's at the Singapore General Hospital because of the Big C. Its already 4th stage and doctors are not giving him much of a chance. One thing he's already 70 so I suppose that isnt helping. He's a stalwart guy though. Last time I saw him was about 4 months ago and he'd just been diagnosed. At that time the doctors said that he had a 50-50 chance. And looking at him then one would hardly think that he had the Big C. He was the one who opened the door, welcoming us and talking animatedly about everything. He helped Mami with the cooking, frying the fish for our lunch and carried in the drinks. So normal. Yet somewhere inside him this "thing" is growing.

I remember that even before the days of husbands helping wives with the house work he was the one who was helping Mami in the kitchen, cutting the fish they had just bought at the market, putting away plates and dishes, vacuuming and so on. I love watching them together - they're a good couple. I remember years ago when I was only 8 years old and Mami was dating Uncle Isa her first boyfriend. They sometimes took me with them on their dates. Then it was no longer Uncle Isa but Mama Hashim - she met him when he came to KL for a work visit and I guess the better man (or the faster one) won the lady, ie. Mami Milah. And she was quite a beauty in her youth - typical anak mami looks. When I was in Tun Fatimah, they were the ones who would visit me at the boarding school, bringing fruits and biscuits. Looking at him, pale and frail looking at the hospital ward brings a pang to my heart. I know that life goes on and death visits us all, but I hope his will be a painless one.

Being in Singapore means being with my grand daughter - Sophia. The little one is now walking all the time, albeit not very steadily. Just yesterday I spent some time with her in the pool - and does she love the water! Watching her splashing her mum in the pool makes me want to hug her and never let go. She's such an adorable baby, always happy and laughing. She can be naughty too - she's no angel. The picture above shows her hugging Pixel the patient cat.Though sometimes she pulls his tail, slaps his big fat butt intending to "pat" and generally "loves " him to distraction. Until he can't stand it and runs away.

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