1 Oct 2008

Idil Fitri

Raya Breakfast
Today is the 1st of Syawal and Idil Fitri.

Me and my grand daughter

Picture here is Rizal and Sophia having breakfast of lempeng.
Of course we also have ketupat, but the little one wanted her nenek's lempeng ( a kind of pancake), so lempeng it is, Raya or no.

The pace was really hectic this morning - especially around 11 am when all my mother in law's relatives came. In fact, it started just after the Eid prayers. First Hasnan and family came, then Faridah and her family and from then on it was just one long line of visitors with no stops in between. I think at one time there were easily 50 people in the house - there was no space to turn even! Let alone eat. Luckily I had the foresight to cater from Mami Enon. Of course we had the usual stuff - ketupat, rendang, sambal tumis ikan bilis as well as udang, Urap kelapa.

Found out later that Min and Yah came but turned back because of the crowd.Sigh...
I think for me raya will never be the same until Sara comes home. I miss my poor baby - even eating and entertaining isn't the same without her.

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