15 Oct 2008

Birthday blues

My birthday has come and gone - no big deal. Well at least 3 of my 4 children remembered and my daughter in law can be said to stand in for her husband I suppose - the one who forgot to wish his mum happy birthday. Shasha bought me an ABBA cd and two of my favourite authors. Repin gave me a new phone to play with. And OUM sent me some flowers - courtesy of Datin Teh, I suppose. Beautifully decorated by Prof Shaari. So what did I really want for my birthday? NOthing much - just my old Longines watch which had gone missing for some time. I have not given up hope anyway - I'm sure its somewhere, waiting for me to claim it back. But I do feel heartsick when I think of it, because no way is Repin getting me another Longines. I know I've been careless with it - just leaving it wherever I like. Once it was in the pocket of my jeans, where I had put it for safekeeping when I went to take my ablutions. Yatie my Indon maid, put it in the washing machine without checking whether there's anything in the pockets and washed it! You can imagine how I felt. Luckily for me though, it was quite tough enough - it was still going strong when Yatie took it out after the first spin cycle! So you can take it from me - the Longines does have 9 lives and is as tough as an elephant. So I do want it back and hope it is somewhere around the house, though I've searched everywhere, even between the cabinets and all my handbags.
Talking of birthdays - Peck Choo called and since I missed that, she texted me a birthday message. Feel so rotten coz I didn't remember her birthday until it was a week later - and it was already Ramadan. Much later Gurnam also sent me her wishes and repeated wanting to meet. Hmmm... sounds familiar right? Anyway I told her I'm always free - just make a date and I'll be there. Like last year and the year before, she's the one who's always busy.

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