26 Apr 2013

Little dynamos

Tommy - always alert for some fun
Yukie and Tommy are my new kittens, though they are not so little anymore. I think they are about 5 months old now. Yukie is beautiful and very feminine looking and Tommy is cute and very like a boy cat. He is also naughty - very mischievous, always hungry and full of energy. Poor Yukie just can't keep up at times with his frantic energy - running, climbing and forever chasing after something.

Yukie at 4 months

Since they came I have had to keep all my flower vases away -last month Tommy climbed on to the piano and as he was jumping down knocked one of my beautiful blue vase. So since then I have learnt my lesson. Keep all things on the floor and if they can break, put them away until they know not to climb and run everywhere!

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