2 Mar 2013

A new kitten in the family

Yukie playing with Mulan 
My sister Jasmine gave me a new kitten, white in colour and only two months old. We named her Yukie which my daughter says means snow in Japanese. Yukie is hyperactive : climbing, running, teasing and chasing after the older cats. She does not seem to be afraid of any one, not even Mulan who is the class brat and bully. To see her chasing after poor Ginger I could break down laughing. Ginger is my 6 year old fat ginger tabby. It's good to see her running, being chased by this tiny dynamo. At first I worried that Ginger would smack her but I need not have feared - she is so gentle the little one bullies her. Mulan however is a different kettle of fish or rather cat. Mulan plays with her but sometimes she 'accidentally bites' the little one and she scampers off and hides under a cupboard or the bookcase. 
see how cute I am!
Yukie the dynamo
Now we have a total of seven cats!  Here is a picture of some of the others.
Ginger, Mulan and Bear Bear having a meeting and deciding who can be allowed outside!


Naida said...

Oh my gosh! Yukie is too cute! She sounds like she's keeping everyone busy over there.

Gattina said...

How cute ! just looks like my Arthur when he was a baby ! A kitten is always good for older cats, it keeps them in shape !

caucasusgeography said...

Hello! Wonderful kitten!