28 Apr 2013


On 27th April  Repin and I took off for NewZealand. It was a two week trip covering both North and South Islands. New Zealand is really beautiful - every where you turn you can see something splendid and gorgeous- the sea, lakes, mountains and rainforests, even the sheep. And there are millions of them.
We started from Auckland in the north, also the largest city in New Zealand and drove down to South Island  starting our journey south and stopping at all the beautiful places along the way.
Auckland is almost surrounded by sea, being on a peninsula.

Since we landed quite early in the morning of Sunday we managed to see the city on our own before the tour proper began the next day. Armed with a map of the city and directions from the hotel staff we walked around, rather aimlessly at first until we saw the Auckland Tower. So we decided to go up to get a bird's eye view of the city. The Auckland Sky Tower as it is called is 328m tall and is one of the tallest buildings in the Southern Hemisphere, according to the brochure they gave us.

After wandering around and looking at shops, we both decided we had had enough and walked back to the hotel. That evening our tour director cum driver, Brian Tregoweth, met us and introduced us to the rest of the group - a charming couple from the North Carolina in the US. Dinner was grilled fish which tasted delicious!

Auckland seen from the Tower

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