7 Feb 2012

Meeting old friends

Golden girls
Today I met my former classmates for high tea at the Equatorial Hotel in Malacca. There were only 9 of us but the noise level was as if there were 20 of us. Everyone wanted to talk - there were a lot of questions on health and what have you been doing and so on. I have not seen Kathy Idros since I came back to Malacca about  4 months ago so we had a lot to catch up. Cherry Hall or Seok Cheng was also in Malaysia to make preparations for her son's wedding so everyone wanted to know more about that too.

Food at the Equatorial isn't really that great but ok enough - there's variety anyway. The best thing about it was that we had privacy and plenty of good conversation with old friends. As we age, we realise that it is important to keep these ties -  friends from school days,people who have known us before we became anybody, people who understand us and can even complete our sentences before we can complete it ourselves. I've known these "girls" since I was seven years old, because most of them were classmates from elementary school. They know me for the dreamer that I was in school, the bookworm whose nose was always buried in books even during recess, the rebel in Form 5 who stood up on the chair in class and demanded that we all complain to the principal about cutting PE and falling from the chair and being laughed at by the class. But in the end when we are together we all feel young again; we don't relive our past but just enjoy the present. We've been there, done that and now all we want is to enjoy life.

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naida said...

That sounds like a nice get together with good friends :)
'we don't relive our past but just enjoy the present'<-words to live by.