1 Feb 2012

A beautiful new dawn

I woke up today for once feeling fresh and alert. And it was only 5.40 am - the azan had not even been called yet and here I was feeling happier than I had been for days. Oh and the reason? Easy - my hubby came back for one night, just to make sure I was okay and he brought back the maid, who had gone over to KL to help clean up the apartment. Mind you, that is not to say that I had been feeling down in the dumps - no no- I was okay , but neither happy nor unhappy. You know that feeling? Like you are numb and a bit dull.

Yeah... okay anyway I looked out the window and saw the most gorgeous sunrise ever - it can't replace the view you get from Melawati of the Melawati Hills and cliffs and the sun showing up in slow degrees, becoming pink and slowly shimmering into a decidely golden yellow....but this one comes a close second. The view was  slightly obscured by the rooftops but it was still a good shot I thought.

Breaking dawn

After staying here for almost 3 months I'm slowly getting used to the life here in this sleepy hollow. Of course a lot of people will say it's no longer a sleepy hollow, but for me and my daughter it still is. Imagine trying to find good eating places and the only ones you know is the local mamak shop (Restaurant Taj), Old Town Kopitiam, the Arab restaurant opposite MMU and the fast food places at most of the malls and shopping complexes. Maybe I'm picky but I love my tandoori chicken which you can get anywhere in KL or Melawati, or satay or fried mee. Maybe I need to explore more and be a bit more adventurous but I dont want ikan bakar (you can't have it every day can you?) and even the famed chendol near the clock tower is getting a bit boring. You see having lived in KL for all of my working life (since I left university) I know most if not all the best eating places in and around there. And apart from eating, even clothes shopping is like shopping at a night market.
Hmm does that make me sound like a spoiled diva? No... I like shopping for clothes in KL though I don't really do it all that often. I love M&S, Isetan, Robinsons etc and they really cannot compare to the shops we have here.Oh well... looks like we just have to find time to go up north then ... after all it's only 2 hours away. And I do need to see my tailor and my hair dresser ...

On the plus side, I love the beauty that is Malacca, tourist attractions and all. Even though I have taken the river cruise so many times and cannot really see what the fuss is all about, I still proudly introduce it to any friend who comes visiting and even take the boat ride with them. The night cruise is something else and really quite entertaining. I proudly show them the clock tower and the Stadthuys and Government HIll and even the replica of the Portuguese ship that once conquered Malacca. And if anyone dare say they don't like Malacca... well beware. Don't ever say it infront of me!

View of the Malacca river

The 200 year old Queen Victoria Fountain, built to commemorate her jubilee


naida said...

What a lovely thing to see such a beautiful sunrise. Perfect for lifting the spirits.
A 2 hour drive to the hair dresser might be worth it...lol. That always cheers me up.
I can imagine living someplace new takes time to adapt.
Lovely photos!

Amin said...

Hello! I agree with naida...everybody need time for adapt...
Beautiful photos!

Kat said...

Oh thanks Naida and Amin - you really made my day!And I feel so comforted...

Lea said...

Lovely photos!
I enjoy seeing other countries by visiting blogs around the world.
Perhaps some day I will be able to travel more than now.
Hope you have a great week-end!
Lea's Menagerie
Mississippi, USA