25 Feb 2012

just thinking aloud

I was just reading another blog earlier and Izdiher (the writer) wrote about foetuses being thrown away or dumped.These things happen in Malaysia too, and sometimes it is not just foetuses but babies, newborns, some still alive, others dead. Last year alone there were 12 cases of baby dumping. Many of these babies were dumped because their parents were not married - most of them were cases where teenagers became pregnant after having sex with their boyfriends. And every time there is a case of baby dumping, there will be a big hue and cry - oh we must have sex education, parents should teach their children about safe sex, schools have to do something about it and so on and so forth. Sometimes I wonder - should we legalise abortion? Maybe if sex education is taught as it should be taught, teenagers are taught to be responsible for what they have done... and parents taught to be better parents?

Would it make any difference? Will it stop then?

And on the other side of the coin - there are couples who long for children but cannot conceive. They pay huge sums of money, legally or illegally, just to have a child. Sometimes or maybe it has come to the stage that they just don't care what or where the child came from - they would pay through their nose just to be able to have a child. Whether the child is adopted, or through other ways of conception -IVF, surrogate mother, sperm donation etc - they will do anything, just anything to be able to hold a little bundle of joy in their hands.

Don't you think that life is so unfair? That some people can kill their own child and yet others long or yearn for a child?

I used to get so upset when I read about abandoned babies and baby dumping. At least some of these unwed mothers try to put their child into a safe area - on hospital doorsteps or people's houses. I get so angry when I read that some of these women ( I can't call them women! They are worse than animals) purposely throw their new borns into rubbish bins or sometimes even into rivers or drains. Of course the babies don't survive - some are thrown with their umbilical cords still intact and sometimes are mauled by wild animals. One baby was found with ants all over his body - luckily he was still alive and was found by some children who heard the infant's cries. Izdiher has got it right - what right do we have to take away a life?


Amin said...

Hello! I think this is not big problem for muslim countries...

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

God has made this world in a balance way.That is why few have kids and few not. But dumping is so sad. This trend is increasing here too.

There is edhi center home where you can give unwanted kid. They also give awareness about it but No .

Sometimes woman are forced to do that.

menopausal mama said...

Hi Kat! I love your blog site! I joined it a little while agao under the name Marcia Doyle. Just wanted to stop by again and say thanks---I see that you joined Menopausalmother.blogspot.com and wanted to thank you! Happy Blogging!!