3 Apr 2010

Tree outside my window

The tree outside my window
has long since been swept by night,
You have returned to the Darkness
that hides the leaves,
the branches..
Gone into the nothingness of Despair.
The howling wind growls
roaring at the the blackness  within.

a fire glows,
nurtured by Hope and Faith,
small, flickering light.
Will the winds of despair
drown out the flames 
and leave behind
that is your name?


naida said...

A beautiful poem! Is this by Robert Frost? I like 'You have returned to the Darkness that hides the leaves,the branches..Gone into the nothingness of Despair.'
Theres a sadness to it, but theres a mention of hope later one.

Kat said...

No Naida, this poem was written by me. Glad you liked it. Thanks