4 Apr 2010

English lessons

Its Friday and I've been spending my free time marking Lesson plans. It irks me no end when I see these "teachers -to - be" making grammatical errors. Sometimes I wonder why these girls who have had 11 years of learning English cannot remember simple grammatical rules. Yesterday I asked them whether they read anything outside of the texts prescribed for them and only a handful put up their hands. For the majority of these English teachers to be, reading is "boring". So that became a lesson on how to become a better teacher - if teachers don't read, I told them, how can you encourage students to read?

So today's lesson was actually a lesson on the need to read or the importance of reading. I gave them some group tasks and got them to find  as many titles of books as they can find - the group with the most titles, the names of the authors and a short description of the book gets a prize.
It ended up quite fun for them and they were in a hurry to get their prizes.

So even if they hadn't read the books they at least found out the titles and a bit of the story. Hopefully that will lead them to actually read the books.

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